About the bigger picture

The Bigger Picture Magazine is made up of a group of people who have one objective, to see the Kingdom of God advances into all nations and all walks of life.

Many people believe that you need to become a Missionary to advance

the Kingdom, and that is why we are showing you that there are

normal every day people that have made this decision to do so.

Those around you are your mission field, and we want you to

understand that you do not have to cross borders to be an

evangelist for Christ.

Our mission is to encourage you to step out as you read the

testimonies of people from all walks of life making a difference

in the communities around them.


We are a community of individuals in Johannesburg South Africa and our team consists of extraodinary people who LOVE Jesus

and all are volunteers for the projects we publish.

We do it because we all have a disire to see every tribe and

nation come to know the one true God. We are all involved in

full time jobs and in part time ministry.

This is all about Jesus, His love for us and the love many around the world have for the lost.